Special Edition for our World Champs from Barbados!

Meta I got your hint, so here we go in english: Well, after waiting for 33 years the West Indies have won another Cricket World Cup. And richly deserved as well. What a big win it is for the WI Team and the Carribean Islands with their rich cricketing-history.

Captain Darren Sammy and Man-of-the-Match Marlon Samuels were really emotional during their statements after the game and emphasized how much this win means to the team and the people at home. You have to feel for the host though. Sri Lanka made their fourth World Cup final in as many as six tournaments. They lost the previous three finals but this time, in front of their home crowd they wanted the win so badly. And the fans really would have deserved the throphy as they were great host and always created a great atmosphere inside the grounds. But the team couldn’t bring their a-game today and so they lost against a very good WI side.

But what a strange game of cricket this final was. At the start the Windies were struggling and you really could feel, that the occasion got to them. The crowd got behind the home-team right from the start and the West Indies couldn’t buy a run. Especially Matthews (1 for 11) and Mendis (4 for 12) bowled particually well. After 11 overs the WI were 38 for 2 and I thought this game was over. I didn’t gave a penny on Sammy and co. But than Samuels unleashed and started one of the great turnarounds of cricket.
You just got to love the way Samuels bats. So stylish, so elegant and so graceful and on the other hand with so much power. His 78 runs really were something. Quite a special innings and one of the best T20 knocks I have seen of late. The way he took Malinga apart and send his deliveries for monstrous sixes straight over extra cover and long on was a sight to watch. That really turned the game. He was looking so good, I thought he was century bound, for sure. But then he hit a long hop from Dananjaya straight to Mendis at midwicket. So the WI lost momentum for the final overs and at the halfway stage my money was still on Sri Lanka. 137 wasn’t enough for me.

That all changed with the first ball of the second over of Sri Lanka’s chase. What a jaffa that was! Rampaul’s delivery pitched on middle and off, straightened a bit, went past Dilshan’s defensive prod and send his off-stump cartwheeling back. What a delivery and what a crowd-silencer. The stadium was shocked and Rampaul’s celebration – he put his index finger in front of his mouth – was more then appropriate.
After that the partnership of Jayawardene and Sangakkara looked threatening but after they got out the WI’s spinners really put the breaks on and controlled the game nicely. For a brief moment the crowd got back in the game when Kulasekara hit Rampaul’s last over for 22 . There was hope that the Sri Lankis could pull of a remarkable comeback. But in the next over Narine got his man, as Pollard caught Kulasekara at mid-wicket of Narine’s bowling. By then the game was over and form there it was WI’s celebration all the way.

I think this win could really be a stepping stone for this WI-team. The have match winners like Gayle, Samuels and Narine, the have a great team chemistry it seems and I think they have a very good, clever thinking captain who rallies the troops nicely. If they perform consistenly I really see them moving forward in the future. But then again, with the West Indies you never know what you gone get, aih!? For the moment let them celebrate their great, great win!



2 Gedanken zu „Special Edition for our World Champs from Barbados!

  1. Susanne

    Super! Schick es doch auch an ESPN Fanseite! Mal sehen, wann und wie das Team empfangen wird! Wir hoffen, du hattest eine gute Calypsoparty und einen guten Flug.


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