Moe meets Cricinfo

Ein kleiner Nachtrag zum Spiel: Ich hab auf meiner Lieblings-Website mal nachgefragt, ob ich ein sogenanntes ‚Fan Following‘ für sie schreiben dürfte. An einem Deutschen und Cricket waren sie natürlich sehr interessiert. Naja, seht selbst was daraus geworden ist: A German at the cricket!


11 Gedanken zu „Moe meets Cricinfo

  1. skinwalker

    Hi Moe,
    I would say this mate, it is pleasantly surprising to see such a hardcore cricket fan from Germany. Am glad that the game is of great interest to you. I am Prem and am from India. But, for the past 8 years I have been living in Stuttgart, Germany. I loved your post on cricinfo mate. Hope you are havin a great time at T20 World Cup. I love T20, but as a cricket purist, I love test cricket more than any other form of the game. What are your thoughts on Test Cricket? Do you love it as well?
    Best Regards, Prem

    1. mohei13 Autor

      Hey Prem,
      thanks for posting a comment on my blog. It’s really quite crazy how many people from all over the world have visited my blog, after I had that article on cricinfo. To your question: I think also that Test Cricket is the greatest form of cricket. This T20 is a lot of fun and great to watch, but in Test Cricket you have so much more aspects which come into the game. I think only in Test Cricket you can see what Cricket is all about and I also think it’s much more aesthetic aswell. I mean aren’t a perfectly executed cover-drive or a real solide forward-defense sights to watch? I probably gone do a piece about this topic on the blog as well. And boy am I looking forward to my first live Test Match, probably Sri Lanka vs. NZ at Galle….

      1. rama

        A german talking abt Cricket itself is a big big suprisee…and after ur views about Test Cricket am going madddd…U r now a true hardcore cricket fan :thumbss: All the best for the Test match..i hope NZ will give tough fight to the lankans at their home.


  2. Tim Jones (@timjonesbooks)

    As a New Zealander who finds the Black Caps the most maddening, frustrating and generally infuriating team to support – for every inspiring win, we Black Caps fans have to suffer ten horrible or embarrassing failures – I found your support for the Black Caps touching and encouraging. With fans like you cheering on, maybe they will manage to do something special this tournament – I hope so, and I hope you have a great time at your next game!

  3. Harhsal

    Hi Moe,

    I am from hamburg and boy I am so impressed a German is so interested in cricket. Once you are back from your tours I would love to discuss cricket over bier! 🙂

    Ich komme nach Indien!!

    harshalpattni at the rate hotmail dot com


  4. Anton

    Nice to see a German at the cricket. Of course, there have been quite a lot of cricketers of German origin who have played the game at the very top level i.e. some of the Afrikaaner cricketers, and also some in Australia – most notably Shane Warne, Justin Langer, Darren Lehman in recent times.

    Anyway, I agree with you that test cricket is the ultimate, but in terms of pure entertainment then its 20-20. Test cricket gives greater satisfaction and are more memorable, but if a match is boring it just means you have to endure it for 5 days in the process whereas 20-20 matches are over in very quick time. I personally believe that the 50 over game should be done away with now that 20-20 has come to the fore. Test and 20-20 is the way to go forward.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed your Fan Following article on Cricinfo. Hopefully, we will one day we will see a competitive England vs. Germany 20-20 match in the not too distant future (maybe a bit optimistic, but there you go).

  5. Anton

    A few other Australians who have played international cricket in recent times are Andy Bichel, Ashley Noffke, Ben Hilfenhaus (latter in the current test side).

    I think I am being stupid here mentioning their names because they maybe of German decent, but are Australian in every other way.


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